Leave the sand and rocks on the trail! TM

How They Work

Joe Trailman Gaiters attach to your shoes using a hook at the front and Velcro® at the back. Here’s how to get the best fit for your new gaiters:

Preparing your shoes: First, clean and dry the backs of the shoes you’ll be wearing with your Joe Trailman Gaiters. Next, you’ll want to find the best location for the Velcro strip that you’ll apply to the back of each shoe. Put the gaiter on first, then the shoe, and slip the hook onto the forward-most shoelace. Pull the gaiter down so the top of the shoe is covered and mark on the shoe where you will glue the Velcro strip.

Gluing: Cut two approximately 1.25” strips from the Velcro that is enclosed with your gaiters. Using either Super Glue or Gorilla® Glue, attach the Velcro strip to the back of each shoe where you’ve marked it. Apply the glue and allow to adhere in accordance with the glue manufacturer’s directions. You can use a piece of masking tape over the strip to hold it in place temporarily until the glue dries.

Hook adjustment: The hook may be opened or closed with needle-nose pliers as needed to accommodate the thickness of your shoelaces.

IMPORTANT! Put your Joe Trailman Gaiters on before your shoes. The gaiters will not stretch enough to pull on over your shoes.

To use your gaiters: Slip the gaiters on over your socks. Then put your shoes on. Slip the hook at the front of the gaiter over the forward-most shoelace, making sure the hook is firmly set. Attach the Velcro strip on the back of the gaiter to the Velcro strip you’ve attached to the shoe. Pull the top of the gaiter up your leg to straighten and smooth it. Your sock can either be under or sticking out of the gaiter. Now enjoy the trails without having to empty debris from your shoes!

Washing: Your gaiters are machine washable on a regular or gentle cycle. Don’t use chlorine bleach. They can go in the dryer on low or medium heat, but like any Lycra product, they will last longer if you air-dry them.